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Walk'r Electronic Leash

  • Walk'r Electronic Leash



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Product Description

A gentle learning method: all commands taught on-leash will be learned in minutes.

An interactive solution for serious, caring dog owners: no more yanking and jerking when taking a dog for a walk. Instead, create a long-lasting, enjoyable relationship.

A new innovative solution to gain control over your rambunctious pet: a must-have for every dog owner.

A smart electronic leash training device: automatically provides an appropriate correction with perfect timing.

Finally: a smart electronic leash device designed for both the dog and its owner.The Walk' greatly assists anyone working with a dog on-leash, especially those who are overpowered by their dog, both young and old. Even a rambunctious smaller dog can cause its owner problems.

The Walk'r electronic leash incorporates 3 smart components

  1. A unique sensor that detects the amount of pressure the dog applies to the leash.
  2. An intelligent activator that turns on when the dog pulls extra hard on the leash, but doesn’t turn on during normal activity.
  3. A patented motivational process that simultaneously adjusts the amount of correction to match the dog’s abnormal pull on the leash.
With no activation button(s) for the owner to operate, the Walk’r automatically provides impeccable motivational timing; this means the dog learns that its own action causes the Walk’r to act. The owner remains the “Good Guy”. This gentle method of learning is achieved from the use of the Walk’r regardless of the:
  • Age, size or sex of the dog.
  • Amount of previous training.
  • Activities in which you relate with your dog – walking, starting obedience training, or enhancing advanced training behaviors.
The results have been phenomenal, signifying that this method is kinder, safer, easier to use, and more humane in developing a purposeful relationship between a dog and its owner. The tug of war with your dog will cease during the first session!

The Walk'r comes complete and ready to use!

  • Three user selectable levels of correction to fit each dog’s sensitivity.
  • Water-tight, heavy-impact plastic housing.
  • 27” long, one inch wide, adjustable nylon collar strap 3-volt lithium battery.
  • Weight: 8.0 oz. (includes housing, collar strap, and battery).
  • 90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Made in the USA

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