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Mojo Voodoo Dove

  • Mojo Voodoo Dove
Mojo Voodoo Dove
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Product Description

The MOJO Dove has been one of the great success stories in all of hunting having revolutionized the way we hunt doves. MOJO has redesigned this decoy, producing the MOJO VOODOO DOVE.

This dove decoy is so effective you'll think it's sucking the doves right out of the sky! Using MOJO's famous dual shaft direct drive system, the redesigned body with its tapered breast peg is very realistic and features highly intricate detail. Plus the wings are now magnetic. NO MORE THUMB SCREWS!

The MOJO Dove support pole is in two pieces allowing for ease of transportation. The top section of the pole is a steel square tubing that the MOJO Dove breast peg fits in and the bottom section is a steel spike that screws into the top section and penetrates the hardest of ground.

In addition, the MOJO Dove is now powered for up to 23.5 continuous hours of use by 4 AA batteries (not included) which are housed inside the decoy body. No more external wires!

This motorized decoy is extremely portable, very user friendly, ultra-realistic and unbelievably effective.

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