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Dokken Blue Wing Teal Dummy

  • Dokken Blue Wing Teal



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Product Description

The Blue Wing Teal trainers are a good size to use with retriever puppies and smaller breed dogs to teach proper retrieving techniques. The hard head and legs will encourage puppies to hold the Dead Fowl Trainer in the middle creating a proper hold and the swinging head helps to correct aggressive shaking.

The Dokken Blue Wing Teal body is made of a soft, natural-feel foam and the free-swinging head and feet are made of hard plastic. This encourages your retriever to make a secure body hold, avoiding the hard, non-palatable head and feet. Dokken Retriever Trainers float in water even if punctured.

These trainers have a natural game bird feel, a dead bird neck, will not sink, and are easy to throw.

You can inject retriever training scents directly into the foam body using the Dokken Scent Kit. The foam body is designed to hold the training scent in or out of the water.

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