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Retriev-R-Trainer Kit

  • Retriev-R-Trainer Kit



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Product Description

"Iím an aspiring retriever trainer, and have used quite a few different tools to make a difference in the performance of my dogs and the dogs I train. There are few things that prepared them for the field as effectively as the Retrieve-R Trainer. The noise created by the .22 blank really helps in steadying your dog to the shot, and getting them in the habit of looking to the sky when a shot is fired to find the mark. It will also launch a dummy much farther than any person could dream of throwing, making your dog more effective at seeing those longer marks in the field. Anybody who wants a serious gun dog MUST buy one of these. It will pay huge dividends come hunting season." ~ Shupe

The Retriev-R-Trainer and essential accessories are packed in a custom carrying case for easy handling and storage. The tough polymer case has a fitted foam insert to keep everything secure.

Kit includes:
  • Launcher
  • White canvas dummy with flapper tail
  • Red oval PVC dummy
  • Cleaning kit
  • 1 box yellow medium load launcher ammo (100 per box)
3 Year Warranty on the launcher.

"The Retrieve-R-Trainer has been a great addition to my training regimen. Thereís nothing like making a loud noise and seeing the dummy fall to get my Lab puppy excited about retrieving. The only thing that gets my Lab puppy more excited is seeing a real duck fall after the shotgun goes off." ~ barrattcs

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