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Biothane Roading Harness

  • Biothane Roading Harness



code: 020-003

Product Description

The biothane roading harness is made out of a soft but strong (100 lbs per inch width) polyurethane coated nylon material. It's tough, soft and has low temperature flexibility.
  • Will not rub
  • Doesn't pull out hair
  • Cleans up easily
  • Center ring at the collar
  • Adjustment buckles at the collar and under the belly
  • Quick release snap on the side
Roading harnesses are designed to increase your dog's wind and stamina, and build muscle for a more successful hunting and trialing season. Roading harnesses are most commonly used with a 4-wheeler, bicycle or a horse. They are designed so that all of the pressure moves to your dog's chest and takes the strain off of the neck.

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