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Rehydrate - 6 Pack

Rehydrate Hydration System - 6 Pack

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During prolonged exercise, humans that do not hydrate will experience increased heart rate, increased core body temperature and a reduced sweat rate. This is caused by dehydration and the body attempts to retain all available fluid without any additional way to cool down. Dogs on the other hand do NOT sweat as profusely as humans do; they rely on their tongue and the pads on their feet to regulate and dispel heat. Because of this, regulation of fluid levels becomes more important to control heart rate and core body temperature. By helping to maintain normal heart and temperature conditions, the animal is less likely to suffer from the fatigue associated with exercise.

Rehydrate provides dogs with a way more effective hydration system than plain water! Rehydrate cuts the recovery process in half by effectively hydrating your dog's muscles after high exertion.

Each tablet is designed to replenish the electrolytes (i.e. Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, ect.) your dog will lose during periods of high activity. And for added punch, we've included vitamin C and other antioxidant minerals geared to promote general wellness! Each tablet is flavored to promote optimum hydration and water intake by encouraging your dog to drink.

Rehydrate is an effervescent tablet so there is no mixing and no measuring, simply drop one tablet in 16 oz .of water and watch it fizz!!!

Bottle not included.


Hydration in the stressful summer heat is super important especially for home kennels and outdoor facilities! REHYDRATE is ideal for adding to the drinking water on a regular basis.