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TBI Deerskin Leather Gloves (pair)

  • TBI Deerskin Leather Gloves (pair)



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Product Description

For cold weather protection, try our insulated gloves with 100 grams of ThinsulateTM.

Our premium deerskin gloves are so soft and supple they conform to your hands like a second skin, providing the dexterity and the sensitivity that a shooter needs. These gloves are extraordinarily strong to protect your hands from briars or rope burn, while helping you maintain a secure grip. Unlike other leathers, deerskin remains soft even after repeated soakings.

Tan color only.


For normal glove size, measure around your flat hand at the knuckles, thumb excluded. Those at the lower end of size who want a closer fit, order one size smaller. Those at the upper end of size who want a looser fit, order one size larger.
  • Small: 8 in - 8 1/2 in
  • Medium: 9in - 9 1/2 in
  • Large: 10 in - 10 1/2 in
  • X-Large: 11 in - 12 in

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