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TBI Testimonials

"Fred: I spoke to you a few weeks ago about a repair job needed on my Alfa 22 starting gun, purchased from you a few years ago. I wanted to let you know that I sent it to Jay at Elite Custom Guns with instructions and have already received back the repaired gun. He replaced the transfer bar (which is kind of what I thought might be needed) and also replaced the grips with a newer and nicer version. That was not expected.
I don't often come away from warranty things very happy, so I'm very happy with both his workmanship and speed of return. All covered under a warranty repair at no cost to me.
Thanks to both you and Jay for great customer service. Track season opens on 3/31 and I expect to put @ 2,000 rounds through this gun between then and June 6th. It is my #1 gun, though I carry 2 others as backup. Good to know I have quality companies behind me. Thanks again!" ~ J. Cook (45 year track official)

"Just a quick note to thank you for your great service. You will get all of my business about dogs. I field trial spaniels and enjoy your web site." ~ Larry Buggeln

"I just wanted to thank you guys for having my lab, Deuce, as dog of the week. He's real special to us. He lost one of his eyes to a fungal infection as a pup but it hasn't stopped him from spotting and retrieving ducks or catching dog biscuits. He has been a great companion and hunter all of his nine and a half years. All my dogs are important to me...but he has been a secret favorite of mine. I really appreciate the range of products that you offer, especially the first aid supplies which we carry with us when we are hunting." ~ Rick Ackerberg

"I received the starterís gun yesterday in time for my meet on Saturday. I want to thank you for efficient service. I will recommend you to my track & field friends and buy ammo from you in the future." ~ Ken Sciacca

"I ordered a Alpha 32 and 5 days later I received. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly, I really appreciate the quick service."

"Thank you for your good service and I look forward to receiving the goods. I will inform my hunting and trailing friends of your website and good service."

"Used the 32 starting pistol for the first time at a track meet in windy/rainy/CNY weather conditions and liked it a lot..... (I) need proper holster for the 22 and 32 starter guns. Thanks for being there for us."

"I am a professional trainer and have used and ordered your products for years. Keep up the great work. I am a very satisfied customer."

"Thanks TBI, I just placed my order. Your assistance is always appreciated. Enjoy doing business with you. "

"Thanks for the quick shipping, the order has been received and is in use already. A pleasure again dealing with TBI."

"I sure was glad our new Alfa pistol has the orange handle. We lost it last weekend. It fell out of the holster, or never went into it. Anyway, we set up a search pattern and found it in a clump of grass. We might have missed it if not for the bright orange handle. The more I use the Alfa pistol the better I like it. The quality is really great compared to what we have been using all these years."

"I just wanted to drop you guys a line thanking you for your excellent service"

"...and thanks for your great customer service; I found your advice really helpful."

"Thank you for your good service and I look forward to receiving the goods. I will inform my hunting and trailing friends of your website and good service."

"As a track official, I purchased an Alfa 22 from you a couple years ago. The gun is working awesome."