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TBI Check Cord 20 feet

  • TBI Orange Check Cord Rope 3/8 in x 20 feet

Product Description

When was the last time you were working your dog, put down your favorite check cord and could not find it? The TBI orange check cord is specifically designed with the dog trainer in mind. The 3/8" diameter lariat-type cord is orange with a trace of black. A heavy duty solid brass swivel snap is attached with a bowline knot. The TBI orange check cord is stiff enough so as not to get tangled in brush and is visible even in mud. The more you use it the better it gets.

TBI has been leading the way for a quarter of a century.

“I admit there’s not much you can do to improve on something as basic as a checkcord, but by simply dyeing the rope blaze orange, the Houston based (that is where we were located then) manufacturer has made the cord much easier to see in use and find in the field. The new checkcords from Trail Blazin’ (Innovations) features a 20 foot long, 3/8” diameter, tightly woven lariet-type rope that’s stiff enough to work through the brush and thick enough to offer a good grip. Each end of the cord is heat sealed…with one bowlined (knot) around a heavy duty brass swivel snap.”

Product review by Dan Armitage Pointing dog Journal March/April 1997

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