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Alfa Blank Starter Pistols

Alfa Blank Starter Pistols
Alfa Blank Starter Pistols

The TBI-designed, superior manufacturing quality of the Alfa Blank Pistols is at the same level as those of the licensed arms. Learn more & order below...

The TBI Alfa Blank Pistol is now the standard used in dog training, track and field competition and law enforcement!

TBI-designed, rugged and reliable with bright orange high impact hard rubber grips and a six-shot, swing-out cylinder for easy loading and unloading. The orange cap on the barrel is a reminder that the revolver is not a firearm. A lanyard ring is included for security. Comes complete with a carrying case and cylinder cleaning brush.

"I just received the starter pistol, I cannot believe how quick I received it!! I will be trying it out this Thursday and will report back. If satisfied, I will most likely order a second! Once again thanks for your assistance and helpful hints, much appreciated!!!"

~ J. Weiss

" Fred, I spoke to you a few weeks ago about a repair job needed on my Alfa 22 starting gun, purchased from you a few years ago. I wanted to let you know that I sent it to Jay at Elite Custom Guns with instructions and have already received back the repaired gun. He replaced the transfer bar (which is kind of what I thought might be needed) and also replaced the grips with a newer and nicer version. That was not expected.

I don't often come away from warranty things very happy, so I'm very happy with both his workmanship and speed of return. All covered under a warranty repair at no cost to me.

Thanks to both you and Jay for great customer service. Track season opens on 3/31 and I expect to put @ 2,000 rounds through this gun between then and June 6th. It is my #1 gun, though I carry 2 others as backup. Good to know I have quality companies behind me. Thanks again!"

~ J. Cook - 45 year track official

The Trail Blazin' Innovations (TBI) designed, superior manufacturing quality of the Alfa Training Starter Pistols is at the same level as those of the licensed arms. The Z-MAC zinc-aluminum frame with a rust resistant blued finish and the high strength heat-treated steel parts promise trouble free usage. Thanks to the automated drop safety lock and machine tooled steel double-action-trigger mechanism the revolvers are absolutely safe.

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